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Why Would Anyone Want To Do A Canoe Or Kayak Race?

By Don Mueggenborg

Canoe Races are in the spring, summer and fall. It can be hot. You can get sweaty and tired. Why would you want to paddle when you could be home watching TV? The first race was probably when the second caveman climbed on a floating log and tried to catch the first caveman on a floating log. Of course their tribes cheered them on until they fell off their logs.

55 years ago – my friend Peanut Butter (he had a name but no one used it) said there is a race on the Des Plaines River next Sunday. I had never seen so many people on the river at the same time and they were friendly and helpful. I have a list of reasons to race:

1: Beautiful scenery – a chance to enjoy nature.

2: Exercise – you don’t have to knock yourself out but you can be proud of yourself for accomplishing something and if you ache a bit all the better.

3: Beat your friend, your neighbor.

4: And you will get to tell “war stories” and remember the fun had.

5: You may find yourself in a competitive mode and find good competition.

6: It is an excuse to get out instead of working or watching tv– sorry, I can’t cut the lawn, there is a race scheduled  

7: Camaraderie, fellowship     

But be careful – it might just grow on you, like it did on me