Canoecopia 2024

The Illinois Paddling Council will be at Canoecopia 2024! Running from Friday March 8 to Sunday March 10th, it is one of the world’s largest paddling exhibitions. IPC will be at the booths outside the sales floor, ready to talk Illinois waterways with you. If you haven’t been to Canoecopia before, it’s worth checking out, as it’s essentially:

  • 1/3rd gear and sales
  • 1/3rd Exhibitors (like us!)
  • 1/3rd lectures: with experts

We will be featuring:

  • Dam Simulator: See the impact a dam can have on waterflow, without taking a risk in person. This is always a huge hit with kids, and is a fantastic educational resource.
  • Paddling Map: Over the past year, we’ve developed a comprehensive paddling map for the state of Illinois. We’ve charted launch points, dams and rivers so you can take much of the guesswork out of a paddling trip. We’ll be set up with a screen and ready to chat Illinois rivers with you.
  • Spreadshop: Get your IPC merch! Not in person, but you can choose the size, color and item that our designs are placed on. It’s shipped directly to your door.

Get your tickets to Canoecopia here!